Enterprise Manager

Reduce the cost of managing your application delivery infrastructure

As your application delivery infrastructure expands to meet the demands of your business, deploying and managing multiple devices can add complexity and cost that reduce the efficiency of your deployments.

Enterprise Manager is a centralized management appliance for F5 BIG-IP® devices that gives you a consolidated, real-time view of your entire F5 application delivery infrastructure, plus the tools you need to quickly optimize performance and scale your infrastructure to meet business needs.
Lower costs through automation

Enterprise Manager helps you decrease deployment and management times as well as operational errors, resulting in a significant reduction in operating expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO). You can select, stage, and automate common operational tasks, including:
  • Configuration and certificate management
  • Software updates
  • Policy control

Continuously optimize performance

Along with advanced monitoring capabilities, Enterprise Manager gives you the ability to set threshold and alerts, so you can react quickly to changing network conditions to optimize application performance and the user experience.
Troubleshoot and budget more effectively

More than 160 customizable metrics capture current and historical data from your F5 BIG-IP devices. With total visibility into your application delivery infrastructure over time, you can analyze the data to:

  • Troubleshoot and minimize the business impact of performance issues

  • Budget and forecast more effectively

  • Improve capacity planning



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