Le applicazioni che vengono utilizzate attraverso la rete possono essere influenzate da molti problemi. Qualunque sia il problema, tuttavia, la famiglia di prodotti BIG-IP è in grado di farsene carico.
BIG-IP è l`unico dispositivo dell`industria che fornisce alta disponibilità, miglioramento delle performance, sicurezza e controllo di accesso in una singola unità.
Un singolo dispositivo BIG-IP può fare il lavoro di una dozzina di prodotti specializzati. Ancor più importante, lo può fare in un modo efficiente e integrato, più facile da gestire quando vi siano cambiamenti al business o alla tecnologia.

BIG-IP Product Modules

Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM)

Spreads connections across multiple clustered servers, sending each connection to the server with the least load. This speeds transactions and improves the end-user experience.


Local Traffic Manager™ Virtual Edition (LTM VE)

Enables you to create a mobile, scalable, and adaptable infrastructure for virtualized applications by applying the functionality of BIG-IP LTM in a virtualized environment.

Global Traffic Manager™ (GTM)

Automatically routes connections to alternate data centers if the main data center goes offline or becomes temporarily overloaded. This makes applications more responsive for each user, and also allows enterprises to make optimal use of multiple data centers.


Link Controller™ (LC)

Prevents costly downtime due to ISP problems or other link failures, by automatically switching traffic to alternate connections.

Application Security Manager™ (ASM)

Protects critical applications and their data by defending against application-specific attacks that ignore conventional firewalls.

WebAccelerator™ (WA)

Stops Web browsers from needlessly re-requesting page content from the server. Allows fewer Web servers to handle more users, increasing interactive user performance up to 10 times.

Edge Gateway™

Provides SSL VPN remote access security with application acceleration and optimization services at the edge of the network, all in one efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

WAN Optimization Module™ (WOM)

Speeds data transfers over the WAN and provides high performance, encryption, and high availability for application traffic between BIG-IP devices.

Access Policy Manager™ (APM)

Provides secure, context-aware web access to networks and applications with centralized access control that drives identity into the network



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