ARX Series

Simplify Data Management and Reduce Costs with Intelligent File Virtualization

Today's storage environments are complex, inflexible, inefficient, and rapidly expanding. As the volume of unstructured data continues to skyrocket, your organization needs the ability to efficiently manage file data while keeping storage costs in check.

F5 ARX file virtualization devices enable you to dramatically simplify data management and reduce storage costs. By introducing intelligent file virtualization into the file storage infrastructure, ARX eliminates the disruption associated with storage administration and automates many storage management tasks. The result is a dramatic improvement in cost, agility, and business efficiency.

Reduce storage expenses

ARX solutions help you dramatically reduce your file storage capital and operating expenses. Automated tiering policies enable you to easily integrate lower-cost or capacity-optimized storage technologies into your existing storage environment. Plus, ARX automates many manual data management tasks, reducing operational costs while ensuring that users and applications always have access to data.

Decrease backup time and costs

Many companies back up all of their files repeatedly, even though only a small fraction are modified on a regular basis. ARX automated tiering policies decrease the amount of unchanging or non-critical data being backed up regularly, enabling you to dramatically reduce backup and recovery times, backup media consumption, and backup costs, without sacrificing data protection.

Optimize existing storage assets

Through virtualization, ARX solutions eliminate "islands of storage" to improve capacity utilization on existing systems. ARX consolidates resources into a unified storage pool, so you can get the most out of your existing storage investments, reclaim stranded or unused capacity, and defer additional storage purchases.
Gain storage flexibility and choice

ARX offers you the flexibility to manage your storage infrastructure in the way that best meets your business needs. With ARX, you can move data easily whenever and wherever you want, including between heterogeneous storage devices, without impacting users. Powerful policies help you perform a range of data management tasks--whether it's moving entire file systems or even individual files--automatically and non-disruptively.
Simplify data management

ARX solutions eliminate the complexity of file storage environments by consolidating hundreds or thousands of client-to-server mappings to a more manageable number. Physical mappings are replaced with virtual ones, enabling you to perform many storage management tasks, such as tiering, capacity balancing, replication, and migration, without client reconfiguration and without impacting client access.


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