GFI, KERIO & EXINDA What GFI Software can do for your Business!
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Cavalieri Art Hotel
Spinola Road, St Julian's, Malta, STJ 3019
Thursday, 20th of June 2019
10am - 4pm

If you are interested in understanding how GFI Software could be a valid support to run your business proficiently and 100% secure, come and join us on Thursday 20th of June.
Arrow ECS and GFI Software will explain you how GFI’s solutions can provide your business with succeed!
Thanks to 3 of the most important solutions made by GFI, you will be able to manage efficiently the security of your business and all your data. You will also be totally compliance due to the GDPR valid since the 24th of May 2018!
Let us tell you how:
- GFI Archiver: Archiving, not just for email!
Archive files, folders, calendar entries and emails in a safe, secure and tamper-proof archive.
- GFI Languard. The ultimate IT security solution for business!
Thousands of IT admins worldwide use GFI LanGuard to scan networks for vulnerabilities, automate patching, and achieve compliance.
- Kerio Control. Unified threat management without complexity!
Kerio Control protects your network from viruses, malware and malicious activity with an easy-to-administer powerful all-in-one solution.
Isn’t that enough? EXINDA is also here for you!
EXINDA, infact, ensures quality of experience for your critical network applications more than WAN or SD-WAN optimization. It manages network performance by focusing on user experience for your most important business applications. Let’s give it a chance!!
What are you waiting for?


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